"Art has been an aspect of my life that has walked beside me, lived inside of me, and has always managed to haunt me. I have tried to be normal but my artistic talents have refused to let me be "too" normal.

I have done as others have by grasping at life to feed me, sustain me, support me. I worked at various jobs only to feel the weight of the chains around me, pulling me with great gravity, down towards the ground.

Art is always there holding out its soft and gentle hand, offering freedom. Freedom comes at a cost however, and the general public will not understand the need for an Artist to create. But I create! These pages will show you, the viewer, a brief example of the times when I have been fortunate to hold Art's gentle hand. I hope that you enjoy the results."

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Rocco Anthony Pesce - Artist

Born July 10th 1967

Bachelor of Fine Arts - 
University of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, Connecticut

My Sacred Vision
Rocco Anthony Pesce