My Sacred Vision
In the latter end of 2003 I had decided to make a major change in my website and dedicate 2004 to my Sacred series of works. Growing up as an Italian American and being raised Catholic I had always been fascinated with images of Christ, Mary and biblical scenes in general. I was drawn toward the works of artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo and particularly the unknown artists who made the ever present mass cards which were prominent in an Italian household.
I stared often at the pierced wounds of Christ and the beautifully tormented but serene faces. When I started to draw it was often these themes that I returned to. I drew Jesus with a child's innocence mimicking what I had seen in movies or artwork. As I grew and became more interested in art as a vocation, I always seemed to return these images. In 2001 after many years of pursuing subject matter and exploring my depths for emotions to put on board I had stumbled on a new techique. It employed texture in addition to color and also removed my brush from my hand. I decided to use this technique in a Sacred image so I painted what I new best "The Face of Christ"

This painting finally reflected a truer Christ. He was darker in complection and appeared strong. The painting itself looked like a stained glass window. It luminated from within. I quickly plunged into these paintings but I did not focus entirely on the Sacred. There were other series, Abstractions, Fantasy,  Life  but none were fulfilling. In 2003 at the latter part of the year I made a descision to show my work together. I picked three paintings to show in a gallery in New York City. The paintings which I showed were from three distinct genres. I felt that the one that got attention would get my attention in the coming year. Well the victor was "Ressurection" from my Sacred series. So I decided to devote 2004 to my Sacred series of works. It is a challenge as I am limiting myself to this series alone. No other painting will be done outside of that genre. Earlier this year I was distraught over some personal issues. Well ussually I would take out the paint and vent via some dark piece. I was however limited now, it had to be Sacred. I wondered what to do and then it hit me. I needed to explore within my bounderies. I turned my sorrow to the sorrow of two biblical characters, "Hannah" and "Jeremiah". Hannah was a women whose womb was barren and she cried out to God in anguish. Jeremiah was a great prophet who lamented over the plight of the Jews. Within these characters I found the story of my pain. It will be a challenge to keep within these bounds but I hope the outcome will produce a bounty of Sacred Visions.